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Heroic Overview

Brackenspore is the fourth boss in the Highmaul raid instance. There are a lot of interesting mechanics to this encounter and how we plan to overcome these challenges I will detail in our strategy section below but for now lets go over the basics of this fight. This is a one stage encounter that takes place on the shore of Gorian Strand in Highmaul. This fight has a fairly unforgiving enrage timer but its one of those encounters where the overall damage and healing done is dependent on how effective a team can take advantage of mechanics that buff the raid. At the start of the encounter the first thing you'll probably notice are the green patches of moss growing in random locations along the edges of the room. This moss, cleverly named Creeping Moss inflicts large Nature damage to anyone who stands in it and reduces their movement speed by 50%. However, if Creeping Moss comes into contact with any fungal creatures this effect will heal them for 2% of their health every 2 seconds and increase their damage done by 50%. For obvious reasons you do not want Creeping Moss to overwhelm the shore so in order to keep the encroaching moss at bay we will need to use the Blackfuse Company 9000. This is a flamethrower that can be picked up from weapon racks inside the room and is used to burn away Creeping Moss. A maximum of two players in Heroic or three players in Mythic can strap on a flamethrower. The Blackfuse Company 9000 has the following functions.

  • Flamethrower will generate heat based on the duration that it is used. If it overheats, it must cool for at least 10 seconds before it can be used again. Flamethrower operators never want to let their device overheat, its more efficient to let the Flamethrower cooldown before overheating then to have it cooldown after it overheats. If you are familiar with Icecrown's Gunship encounter, Flamethrower works a lot like the ship's cannons.
  • Burning Infusion is a buff that increases the wielder's damage and healing dealt every time a patch of moss is burned. This effect stacks up to 30 times. Every 2 seconds, an application of this aura is removed. Dps that can effectively manage this buff will see a significant increase in damage done.

Now while the flamethrower operators are running around frantically torching moss, the raid will need to deal with some hostile fungus growths. There are three types of hostile fungus that spawn; Spore Shooters are the green leafy plants that appear in random locations around the room, Mind Fungus are brown colored mushrooms that spawn underneath random players, and Fungal Flesh-Eaters are the big upright walking adds that spawn in the water along the shoreline.

Spore Shooters

  • Spore Shot is an ability that fires a small green spore projectile at a random member of the raid. This projectile explodes on impact, inflicting large Nature damage to all enemies within 8-yards of it.

Mind Fungus

  • Mind Fungus is an ability that hits the entire raid. This deals no damage however, it does reduce casting speed by 75%.

Fungal Flesh-Eaters

  • Flesh Eater is a stacking buff that the add gains, increasing its damage dealt by 10%, attack speed by 10% and casting speed by 10%.
  • Decay is an Interruptible ability that inflicts large Nature damage to the entire raid.

In addition to the bad fungus there are two types of good fungus; the green Living Mushrooms and the blue Rejuvenating Mushrooms. Both types will spawn in random locations around the room in and in a weakened state. When healed to full, they provide a beneficial effect in an area around them. The only caveat is that these mushrooms suffer from a passive damage effect called Withering that gets progressively stronger over time which means there is a threshold when it becomes impossible for healers to keep them alive.

Living Mushrooms

  • Living Spores heal all friendly units within 20-yards for large amount every second.

Rejuvenating Mushrooms

Since we have a picture of what is happening environmentally during this encounter, lets take a look at Brackenspore's three abilities.

  • Rot is an ability that Brackenspore casts on his current target it inflicts a large amount of Nature damage every second. This effect stacks and will require a tank switch.
  • Necrotic Breath is an ability that Brackenspore casts on his current tank where he expels green breath hitting all enemies in front of him. This ability inflicts large Nature damage every second and reduces healing taken by 99%. Tanks need to remember that while channeling Necrotic Breath, Brackenspore remains mobile so the targeted tank cannot avoid this ability.
  • Infesting Spores is an ability that Brackenspore casts that inflicts large Nature damage every second to all raid members. This effect stacks up to 10 times and lasts 3 seconds. Infesting Spores cannot be interrupted and just simply needs to be survived.

Mythic Changes

In Mythic Difficulty Brackenspore will retain all the same abilities found in heroic with the addition of two new mechanics, Call of the Tides and Exploding Fungus.

  • Call of the Tides is an ability Brackenspore uses that causes a tidal wave of water to come crashing through the shore from the ocean. Players who are hit by this wave will suffer lethal damage. However, there is always at least one opening in the wave where players can stand to avoid getting hit. The location of this safe zone is completely random so players must look for this opening and move to it quickly. If given the choice between getting hit by Call of the Tides or standing on top of Exploding Fungus just to be in the opening, choose to be in the opening.
  • Exploding Fungus is a channeled ability that Brackenspore casts that summons small mushrooms every few seconds in numerous random locations around the shore. While this ability is being channelled these mushrooms will grow and at the end of the channel explode inflicting large Fire damage to all players within 3-yards of them. It's important to mention that the mushrooms that spawn at the later end of the channel will immediately detonate when they spawn as they will coincide with the channel ending, making these the most difficult mushrooms to avoid.

Going Ham!

We will be using Heroism/Time Warp at the beginning of the encounter to take advantage of players cooldowns.

General Positioning

Raid Positioning At the start of the battle, we will position Brackenspore in the middle of the room just like we did in Heroic difficulty. However, instead of the entire raid stacking up behind the boss, in Mythic we will have the range spread out in a semicircle behind the melee at a distance of 15-20-yards. Range is positioned this way so they can block Spore Shot and will also put them within range of Spore Shooters as they spawn. Remember that all range Dps will need to stack up behind the boss for Infesting Spores. After Infesting Spores ends range Dps will need to resume their original positions. Stack and spread, stack and spread is the name of this dance.

Interrupting is Not Rude

As previously discussed, Fungal Flesh-Eaters cast an ability called Decay. The importance of interrupting this ability will mean the difference between defeating this encounter or spending all week staring at his ugly face. I want to stress to you guys/gals that if a single Decay is allowed to go unheeded it will either wipe the entire raid or cause enough casualties that it will set us well behind the enrage timer. So our strategy will be to create two groups of players (a mixture of range and melee) that alternate between interrupting Decay. The reason why we want to use groups of players instead of individuals is because groups will provide for some redundancy in the event that someone tasked with this role dies. We want to use range classes in addition to melee because there will be situations where repositioning to avoid Call of the Tide will put melee out of range for interrupts. As always I am a big advocate of good communication, there needs to be a conversation going on between these two groups. Specifically I want to hear, "Group X interrupted, Group Z you're next."

Flamethrowers are Hawt

In Mythic difficulty there are three Flamethrowers oppose to two found in Heroic. As part of our strategy I will assign specific areas for each player to be responsible for doing the "landscaping". If you click on the image above, the Flamethrower Operator numbers that you see correspond to the player numbers assigned in the Groups tab of this guide. For those of you who are given this special task I want to remind you that it's extremely important that you use the Burning Infusion buff effectively, this encounter has a brutal enrage timer and we will need all the damage we can muster.

Flamethrower Positions

Who Ordered Mushrooms?

Here is the order for which the raid will activate mushrooms.

  1. Living Mushroom
  2. Rejuvenating Mushroom
  3. Living Mushroom
  4. Living Mushroom (until Infesting Spores ends) → Rejuvenating Mushroom
  5. Living Mushroom
  6. Living Mushroom
  7. Rejuvenating Mushroom

Other Considerations

There are a couple thing we need to focus on to defeat this encounter.

  • First tanks need to be vocal on cooldowns. Without a doubt tanks will get hit hard this fight but establishing good communication at the start will allow the team to coordinate and make adjustments to our strategy quicker and with more effectiveness.
  • Tanks should always strive to position the Fungal Flesh-Eater on top of Brackenspore because a significant chunk of damage will be directed towards killing adds, we want to maximize the amount of cleave damage onto the boss as possible.
  • Range Dps who are not assigned to interrupt Decay should interrupt the Spore Shooter's Spore Shot at every opportunity. Interrupting Spore Shot locks out the Spore Shooter for a good 10 seconds or more. Cummulatively the amount of damage that would be stopped by interrupting Spore Shot is significant enough to make the difference between a kill or a wipe.
  • Always face the boss away from the raid for Necrotic Breath.
  • Stack Fungal Flesh-Eater(s) on top of Brackenspore so Dps can cleave the boss.
  • Tank switch every 4 stacks of Rot.
  • If you are currently not tanking Brackenspore make sure you stand off to the side of him to avoid getting hit by Necrotic Breath.
  • When Necrotic Breath is being channelled make sure to use a defensive ability to survive it.
  • Whoever is the off tank at the time will also need to taunt Fungal Flesh-Eaters as they emerge in from the sea, please tank these adds right next to the boss.
  • Interrupt Decay cast by the Fungal Flesh-Eaters.
  • When Rejuvenating Mushrooms and Living Mushrooms spawn reposition the boss so that the raid can standing on top of them.
  • Do not tank hostile fungus no top of Creeping Moss.
  • Everyone must be least 4-yards away from all Exploding Fungus by the time the channel ends.
  • When Call of the Tides is cast, make sure you identify the opening in the wave and immediately move to it.
  • Heal Living Mushrooms to full just before Brackenspore begins to cast Infesting Spores. Ideally we want to keep these mushrooms alive as long as possible or at least until Infesting Spores has ended.
  • Heal Rejuvenating Mushrooms at every opportunity. The longer the raid can benefit from Rejuvenating Spores the better, we will need the haste and mana.
  • Help interrupt Decay cast by the Fungal Flesh-Eaters.
  • Avoid standing in Creeping Moss.
  • Everyone must be least 4-yards away from all Exploding Fungus by the time the channel ends.
  • When Call of the Tides is cast, make sure you identify the opening in the wave and immediately move to it.

Interrupt groups will alternate between interrupting Decay. By default, Interrupt Group 01 will always be the first interrupt every time a Fungal Flesh-Eater spawns. Players who are not specifically assigned to specialized role should also be attempting to interrupt on cooldown. It is better to have redundancy on interrupts then to miss one because of assumptions. On Mythic difficulty if we fail to interrupt Decay the raid will pay heavily for it, in most cases it will result in killing several players or cause the raid to wipe.

  • Melee Dps who are not assigned to an interrupt group are responsible for adhering to the following target priority:
    1. Mind Fungus (if it is interfering with our stack point)
    2. Spore Shooters (if in melee range)
    3. Fungal Flesh-Eater
    4. Brackenspore
  • Range Dps who are not assigned to an interrupt group are responsible for adhering to the following target priority:
    1. Mind Fungus (if it is interfering with our stack point)
    2. Spore Shooters
    3. Fungal Flesh-Eater
    4. Brackenspore
  • Intercept the spores from Spore Shot. Make sure to do this a way from other players to avoid splashing the damage.
  • Make sure to position yourself next to or on top of both Rejuvenating Mushrooms and Living Mushrooms so you can receive their beneficial effects.
  • Avoid standing in Creeping Moss.
  • Everyone must be least 4-yards away from all Exploding Fungus by the time the channel ends.
  • When Call of the Tides is cast, make sure you identify the opening in the wave and immediately move to it.
Blackfuse Company 9000 Operators
  1. Maybeswiss
  2. Aubree
  3. Tlorian
Interrupt Group 01
  • Aeightysixx
  • Nihrd
Interrupt Group 02
  • Overdose
  • Dalonus
Quick Target (Spore Shooter)
  • /target Spore Shooter;
Quick Target (Mind Fungus)
  • /target Mind Fungus;
Quick Target (Fungal Flesh-Eater)
  • /target Fungal Flesh-Eater;
Whisper Interrupt (Rot)
  • /cast <interrupt_ability>
    /script SendChatMessage("Rot interrupted, you're next!","WHISPER", nil, UnitName("player_name"));